Twin Growth Spurts: Hell x 3

A twin growth spurt is not Hell x 2.  It is Hell x 3.  Let me explain.

Banana began her 3 month growth spurt at around 3 1/2 months – so, roughly 2 weeks ago.  She began by getting screamy, and hungry, refusing to nap, and whatever else you attribute to a growth spurt.  Apple wasn’t doing this.  So for two weeks, Banana seemed like she was going berserk and I had no idea what was going on, because for some reason I never automatically attribute extra fussiness to growth spurts.

Then, this past week, Apple began getting extra screamy.  In the meantime, Banana has become extra hungry.  Both are now refusing to nap.  Oh, but they are not refusing to nap at the same time!  Oh no!  That would be too easy if they both took the same non-naps!  No, one will go down for a non-nap, and have to continually be coaxed into staying asleep, while the other one is awake, and then they reverse.  Or sometimes one will wake up the other during the non-nap.

Right now, I am in the overlap of two growth spurts.  One is winding down while the other is cranking up.


Banana is in the downswing and hopefully will soon become less needy and screamy.  She is already getting better.  But Apple must be attached to my body at all times or he is crying.  Which makes it hard to also attend to Banana’s needs.  And by all times I literally mean all times, including naps.  From morning until night he is touching me in some way, except for brief periods during the day when he does nap on his own (30 minutes or less).

If Apple’s growth spurt continues on a similar trajectory, we are looking at another week to two weeks of his needy screaminess.


According to the Wonder Weeks book, this is the Big Growth Spurt.  This is the growth spurt that really makes moms crazy and depressed and anxious even with one baby – it says somewhere that if a mother has admitted to slapping or harming her baby in any way, it is usually during this growth spurt.  And I am three weeks into it with still quite a road ahead of me.

I have contacted a couple of therapists, so hopefully something will be set up soon.  Also I am seeing my endocrinologist to check in on my thyroid, and I am asking to be screened for postpartum thyroidits as well, since I was on thyroid medication before and during the pregnancy, but taken off of it two weeks ago (more on this later, when I get my results).

In the meantime, I am struggling.

It’s not just the weaning, which is also really hard as I have mentioned.  But also the growth spurt on top of the weaning.  And the potential thyroiditis thing that can cause postpartum depression issues and weight gain.  And the insomnia, a new symptom!  And being home alone again with the babies during the day.  And the babies needing more attention because they are more interactive and want my presence more, but having completely completely opposite sleeping schedules that I am really trying hard to sync up but it’s just not happening.  I have to take a baby with me when I go to the bathroom – every time!  All day!  Because someone is always awake and demands constant attention!

Sometimes I get so depressed and anxious.  I think, I can’t do this, I am not cut out for this, I don’t want this anymore.  I fantasize about being somewhere amazing, all by myself, for hours and hours and hours, with just myself to answer to.  Other days I feel amazing and in charge.  I am all over the place.  But when it’s a bad day, it is a very, very bad day.  My husband had to come home from work early on Friday, and he found I had essentially completely shut down and had become non-functional.  Minutes after he walked in the door I wordlessly went to the bedroom and clocked out for at least an hour, and then did almost no childcare for the rest of the day.

I can’t wait until this growth spurt is over.  This is certainly the hardest few weeks I have experienced so far.  Even though the beginning few weeks were hard, at least the babies slept a lot of the time and we could generally force their schedules to sync up.  These babies are becoming individuals and it is getting harder to get them to do what I need them to do for my sanity.

And, worst of all, when I get so emotional and angry and sad and fed up, they flash me a smile, and I get all gooey inside, and then I go … NO FAIR.  THIS IS NOT A FAIR FIGHT.

I am looking forward to some time between growth spurts… and I hope it comes really, really, really, really, really, really, really soon.

6 thoughts on “Twin Growth Spurts: Hell x 3

  1. Hi, your 3 months into the future girl here. For the last month or so, the girls have been able to finally sync up pretty consistently. For a while, yeah, I loved it when I finally had a witness to watch me put one down and before I could even straighten up from bending over, the other one would wake up and start bitching. I just needed a witness to the fact that the moment one finishes, the other one starts, I wasn’t exaggerating!!! I don’t know when their big growth spurt was but that must have been what was going on.

    But now, I don’t know if it was the sleep training, a developmental thing, or a combination of the two, but life is pretty sweet now. I’m able to put them both in the crib when only one shows tired signs and they’ll both go to sleep anyway. They’ve also figured out that they are each a twin and that means they have to wait sometimes. Like when I get them up from naps, I can sometimes take up to 10 minutes dealing with the first one, getting a diaper changed, getting her into her high chair, whatever, before I can get the next one out of bed and I never really hear the waiting twin getting upset. Just patiently waiting and big smiles when it’s her turn to get up.

    You’re in the middle of the worst of it. When everything is totally discombobulated. It’s about to bobulate. You’re over the hump and about to sail into smooth waters like you’ve never experienced since they got here. Oh, and you’re maybe a month or so away from consistently having them sleep for 10-12 hours at a stretch. That means you’ll have a couple of hours of quiet time every night before bed and then an actual nights sleep more often than not.

  2. I honestly think you are some sort of rockstar that deserves a motherhood medal. My one baby is just a little younger than your two and every time I read one of your posts I think there is no way I could handle a second baby. I feel like taking care of Molly takes every piece of me and even more so now that she is alert and wants to be entertained. So I know it doesn’t make anything better and I have no idea when it may get better for you but the fact that you are living and surviving I think us a huge win. But I do know your babies will not be this little and dependent forever and right now all you have to do is get through the day anything else is just bonus.

  3. I feel for you Robin, with just one baby sometimes we still have to revert back to ‘survival mode’ like when he was a newborn just to get through growth spurts, sleep regressions, etc. I start wearing him for naps or taking a nap with him etc etc because sometimes I just can’t handle dealing with the fussy baby. Every time he’s a little poop face I think of you and the fact that you have TWO and I don’t know how you do it. Do whatever you need to do to survive the growth spurt, and remember this too shall pass!

  4. “…when I get so emotional and angry and sad and fed up, they flash me a smile, and I get all gooey inside…” This happens to me a LOT. And I’m so thankful for it. It’s like they KNOW how fed up you are… and it’s their way of reminding you that they’re just babies & they can’t help it. I look at it as their little (unintentional?) way of calming me back down & seeing them again as sweet little babies as opposed to raging little maniacs.😉

  5. I could have written this same exact post. I am right there with you!! Just when ibthoight I had this kinda under control, both babies went crazy day and night! Fussy fussy fussy. Refusing to nap. I’ve been freaking out. I started back to work and it was my favorite night in weeks! I thought it was the change is schedule from the holidays and having family visit, but it’s gone on too long for that. This must be the 3 month growth spurt. It is THE HARDEST thing I’ve had to deal with. I’ve also done what you did-shut down after the jobs got home. Jut wanted to let you know you are not going through this alone. It’s hard. Really really hard. We will make it through! Maybe with lots of years and frustration, but it has to end sometime!!!

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